Game of Thrones S3.E02 [Dark Wings, Dark Words]

Game of Thrones S3.E02 [Dark Wings, Dark Words]


This episode starts with Bran running through the woods practicing his archery skills. This is clearly a dream since Bran is paralyzed, but when a creepy kid appears proclaiming “the Raven is you”, Bran awakens. Osha claims his dreams are the result of black magic, suggesting they will do more harm than good. She’s sharpening her spear and focused on one thing, and that’s getting to The Wall.

Robb and Catelyn

The Starks receive word of two things: the massacre of Winterfell, and the death of Catelyns father, the lord of Riverun. The Starks are a broken family, scattered and out of sync with each other. It seems like Ned’s death was just the beginning and there will likely be more tragedy in the future. Robb makes the decision to allow his mother to attend her father’s funeral while opting to join her.

Robb’s buddy that looks like Santa Clause is incredibly bitter at his decision making skills, especially when it comes to the women in his life. He says Robb lost the war the minute he married his sketchy wife, Tulisa. Seriously, who the hell is this chick? She’s too good to be true, so I hope she gets the boot soon, before she causes too much trouble. She listens to Catelyn’s story about how shitty of a mother she was to Jon Snow, and suddenly all the horror that’s come to her family is put into greater perspective.

Brienne & Jamie

Brienne of Tarth is continuing her mission to bring Jaime Lannister back to Kings Landing. I don’t trust dudes who push kids out of windows, so I’m waiting for him to snap her neck at any moment. She’s strong and confident, yet seems unaware of how goofy she is. Jaime’s moment of opportunity finally arises when he snatches one of her swords and a fight ensues, but Brienne doesn’t hold back from fucking him up. Their fight is interrupted by the Brave Companions, and now it’s two against a lot of dudes on horses.

Sansa, Margaery and Olenna

Sansa and Margaery talk for the first time on screen, and their confrontation wasn’t as tense as I expected it to be, considering Sansa is now a sideline chick thanks to Margaery. We meet Olenna Redwyne, Margaery’s sassy grandmother and she’s a fucking bad ass bitch. This episode does a great job at really showing us who the Tyrell’s are. They rely on their wits to adapt to the changing times, and need information from Sansa to continue down this path. These women want to know what it means to be the wife of Satan, and for the first time Sansa speaks the damn truth. Her feelings towards Joffrey are made clear, and she’s left with newfound enemies or allies, depending on how this information is used.

Jon Snow

We’re introduced to a new supernatural called a Warg. A being with the ability to enter the minds of animals. In this case, a scrawny guy with possessed eyes was acting as a scout by entering the mind of a Raven. I want this power. Since we know Brann has this ability to some degree, I wonder where this will take his character in future seasons.


In the woods the trippy little boy from earlier in the episode appears to Bran. He uses his Warg abilities and makes a bitch out of Bran’s wolf. This trippy kid is actually Jogen Reed, and his sister Meera appears to not be fucking around either. She’s loaded with weapons, while he’s obviously got the power, making them an interesting duo. Jogen appears to have more control over his powers, so his introduction could prove poignant to Bran’s development.

Joffrey & Margaery

In my opinion, the most important scene from this episode was between Margery and Joffrey. She’s gone into the Lion’s Den only to find Joffrey waiting with a crossbow. Naturally I assumed he was going to shoot her, but he didn’t. What happens instead is a power play between these two, and Margaery slowly shifts the balance in her favor. By the end it’s her with the crossbow in her hands and she could either become my new favorite character or a bigger cunt than Joffrey. I believe she has the potential to be a great queen, at least in the meantime until Daenerys reclaims the throne. It’s clear she has motives of her own and I hope those involve killing Joffrey.

*Important Shit
– Arya is with the Brotherhood without Banners, and is revealed to be a Stark by The Hound, who has just been captured by the Brotherhood. Hopefully she starts shape shifting soon because I’m already bored with her storyline. On the plus side, she’s got more balls than both of the boys in her crew.