The Walking Dead S3.E16 [Welcome to the Tombs]

The Walking Dead S3.E16 [Welcome to the Tombs]

After seeing this episode of The Walking Dead, I’m pissed, angry and all of the above. You call that a season finale? The writers and everyone involved can kiss my black ass for that trashy excuse of an ending. With that being said, welcome to the motherfucking tombs.

The episode starts with the Governor beating the living hell out of Milton. It turns out he was, in fact, the one to set the pit of walkers on fire, and this betrayal has led him to near death as a result. He asks about Andrea’s fate, and is thrown into the room where she has been held and no doubt tortured. She’s not looking too good, and not even her bloody wrists could prepare me for what happens to my girl later in this episode. The Governor expresses to Milton that it’s graduation time, meaning he has to prove his loyalties once and for all, or be murdered in cold blood. He hands him a knife to kill Andrea, but Milton tries to shank the Governor instead. But since the Governor is pumped up off of eating Merle’s fingers, he manages to counter Milton’s attack and stab his old friend brutally. The Governor leaves a near zombified Milton to tear Andrea apart limb by limb. There is one ounce of hope thanks to the pair of pliers Milton dropped behind Andrea’s chair. The breaks she takes between trying to actually pick up the pliers and talk to Milton are very illogical considering the circumstances. Just as things appear to be going her way, Milton’s resurrection begins. DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN? IS THIS HAPPENING? He starts walking towards her like one of the zombies from Thriller and it’s fucking terrifying.

Team Woodbury’s “assault” on the prison is laughable at best. Where did he get these fools from? They’re all running instead of shooting. The Governor massacres pretty much everyone in his convoy after they decide to run their mouths a little too much, surprising even Martinez and Mr. Akimbo Assassin. Rick, Michonne and Daryl go on a mission back to Woodbury to put an end to this bullshit, and learn of Andrea’s attempt to escape from Karen; the sneaky ass bitch who should have died with the rest of the Woodbury idiots. When they run across Tyreese and Sasha again, they inform them on what’s really going down and begin to search for the missing Andrea. What happens next will go down as one of the biggest mistakes The Walking Dead has ever made, aside from killing Shane.


We follow the crew into the Governor’s torture chamber, where we see Milton’s corpse and find Andrea, bitten and near death. It seems that although she can survive in the forest killing dozens of walkers, Milton was too much to handle. Really? You expect me to believe this fucking bullshit? This whole season has been complete and utter trash for the most part. Andrea’s character had so much more potential and I can’t help feeling like she was killed off just to make certain fans happy. The fans who were too fucking dumb to realize her motives were always good, yet bashed her time and time again as if she was the second coming of Hitler. I give both middle fingers to all of those fans. I hope you’re all fucking happy, assholes. The most developed character on the show is dead now, while THE FUCKING GOVERNOR, GLENN, CAROL, BETH AND ALL THESE OTHER USELESS FUCKERS CONTINUE TO SURVIVE? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? The sad thing is that most of you were more sympathetic to Merle dying when he was a racist bigoted asshole, who made countless bad decisions. Yet Andrea deserves what was coming to her? The episode was anticlimatic, disappointing and an overall epic fail. I will not be looking forward to season four because I just don’t care anymore. Did I mention that the Governor is still alive? Yeah, fuck this bitch-made show.

*Important shit
– Carl is becoming a little Shane
– Michonne stayed by Andrea’s side in the end
– As much as I hate the fact Andrea is dead, there was a sense of closure to her character arc, and she had come full circle in a lot of ways. Her final quote to rick is evidence of that: “I know how to use the safety”.