The Walking Dead S3.E14 [Prey]

The Walking Dead S3.E14 [Prey]


Laurie Holden as “Andrea” via AMC

This week on The Walking Dead, the residents of Woodbury are preparing for their assault on Team Prison. Andrea soon realizes the peace treaty is off the table by the blatant preparation going on in front of her eyes. Assault rifles? Check. Gatling guns? Check. The only thing Woodbury is missing is their very own T-100.

The episode starts with a glimpse into the past. We see Andrea and Michonne, with pet walkers nearby, sitting around a campfire. It turns out Michonne not only knew these two walkers, but they apparently deserved what happened to them, thus leading us to believe they were nothing more than douche bags. After Michonne leaves off into the woods, we understand that this is the dynamic of her relationship with Andrea. If this is what it was like living with Michonne for eight months in the woods, sign me up for Woodbury. Torture chamber and all.

Milton and The Governor

The next scene transitions to the Governor, who is obviously feeling himself way too much. He seems to be on the brink of a massive orgasm and I hate him. No one should be THAT turned on by chains. Nope, sorry. It’s pretty obvious who he has in mind for this sure-to-be rape fest, so hopefully Rick doesn’t bitch out and turn Michonne over next week.

Milton finds The Governor in his torture chamber, and for the first time we see that he does have balls. The way he stood up to The Governor was surprising to me; I found myself being proud of him. He put all the bullshit aside, looked this man in his one good eye, and confronted him about his decisions. I was waiting for him to get bitch-slapped at any moment, but there is a mutual respect between these two men. Milton and the Governor are completely different, but with Milton having brains and the Governor with his brawn, it’s not surprising that they would gravitate towards one another. Unfortunately, the Governor is too far gone at this point, and nothing Milton can say or do will interfere with his path of destruction.

Milton loves to run and tell things, so naturally he goes and informs Andrea of the Governor’s true intentions. He even takes her to view the torture chamber, so she can make a decision for herself. Which is all Michonne had to do in the first place. This scene is important, because it’s the first time in a long time I’ve seen a fire in Andrea’s eyes. She’s pissed and sees red, deciding now is the time to put an end to this. I actually believe her this time, and there’s no doubt in her mind that she’s on the wrong side. Andrea is back in top form, and just as she readies her shot, BITCH ASS MILTON stopped her. I’m not sure that killing the Governor would end the coming war, but it sure would have been in Andrea’s best interest. She soon realizes her only option is go back to the prison to warn Rick and the group.


There were a few interpersonal struggles going on between Tyreese and Allan, but honestly I couldn’t care less. The only thing worth mentioning in this episode in regards to Tyreese is that he is a horrible shot. Just put the rifle away and step back slowly, bro. Andrea arrives with intentions to leave, but when Tyreese and Sasha get in her way, they almost get shanked. She warns them to not trust the Governor, but they also let her get away.


This episode was all about Andrea and her will to survive. This is the episode I’ve been waiting for all season, because it takes what the writers did with her character at the end of Season Two and propels her to a new level of badassery. She’s fierce, cunning and strong in times when others would completely fall apart. A great example of this is when she’s pinned up against a tree by not one, but three walkers. Let me just say that Andrea is as effective with her pocket knife, as Michonne is with her sword, and it’s tight as hell.

As she makes her way to an open field, a sense of desperation starts to set in because she looks to be lost. After everything she has been through, she’s once again alone in the wilderness with no one but herself to depend on. It’s not long before the Governor tracks her down and now my blood pressure has risen significantly. HE’S TRYING TO RUN HER OVER WHAT THE FUCK!! Okay he was probably just toying with her because if he wanted to kill her it would have been done. This is the Governor, though, so obsession is his thing.

Andrea makes it to an old abandoned warehouse, and instead of running deeper into the woods, she stays to face her former fuck buddy. She’s tired and probably scared for her life, but my favorite thing about her character is how resourceful she is. Things are looking pretty shitty for her but she’s managed to stay one step ahead of him this far. The setting of the warehouse is perfect for setting up suspense and terror. The walkers in the building are a huge obstacle, but Andrea dispatches them with ease. To the average viewer, it may have looked like the Governor had the upper hand, but Andrea is at home in the wild and has far more experience with dealing with walkers at this point. There were so many moments where the two almost came face to face, but it wasn’t until Andrea discovered a door with dozens of walkers just waiting to be unleashed on the other side. Moments before the Governor has a chance to shoot her, she opens the door only to use as a shield as the walkers pursued her enemy. She’s in full Buffy/Sarah Connor mode because right when he catches up to her, she outsmarts him one last time. She has made her choice, and the final look she gives him is priceless. You bad ass bitch.

Andrea finally makes back to the prison, and I can hear the angels singing. She’s finally home where she belongs and…..FUCK NOOOOOOOOOOOO HE GOT HER! The fact that she was so close really grinds my gears in a big way. The final shot of the episode was brilliant, and while some people would have preferred Andrea’s fate to be left to the imagination, I think the final shot of her locked in the torture chamber was dark, haunting and nerve racking.

With only two episodes left this season, I have no clue what the fuck is going to happen. And honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Important shit
*Milton burned the collection of walkers like a BOSS
*Tyreese’s sister is hot
*The Governor kinda looks like Nick Fury
*I’m an Andrea fan boy for life