The Walking Dead S3.E13 [Arrow on the Doorpost]

The Walking Dead S3.E13 [Arrow on the Doorpost]


Norman Reedus as “Daryl Dixon” via AMC

This episode of The Walking Dead started with a sense of mystery. At some point last week, a deal was struck for The Governator and Rick to finally come face to face. It seems that Andrea has trekked back to the Prison since the events of “I Ain’t a Judas” and conjured up a plan that keeps both groups out of harm’s way. Things don’t go according to how Andrea hoped because she’s just as surprised as Daryl, Rick and Hershel when she finds out the Governor had already beat them there. The writers make sure we see Andreas reaction to this so we know that her heart is in the right place.

Unfortunately for Andrea, the Governator dismisses her within the first couple of minutes, forcing her to reconvene with the others outside with nothing to do but wait for two things: a gunshot or a resolution. I think the contrast between The Governor, Milton and Martinez vs. Rick, Hershel and Daryl is pretty obvious. In fact, we get to see how each camps version of their Leader, Henchman and Doctor interact with each other. Andrea is on the sidelines crying, but time is running out for her to step up like she should. I especially thought it was good of Hershel to let her know that she was indeed still family, and there was a place for her at the Prison. This made me excited because surely after all the revelations about The Governor were made, she would without a doubt go back with Team Prison.

Rick & The Governor

The entire interaction between these two is so intense I’m not sure I was mentally ready for it. The Governor is a tricky son of a bitch, and while in theory Rick SHOULD have shot him the minute he had the chance, I’m intrigued by the sheer fact they are able to have a somewhat decent conversation. It’s almost as if the Governor has some sick, twisted obsession with Rick now, and Rick isn’t too impressed by the egotism: “At least I don’t pretend to be some Governor”. The two continue to have a heated conversation over a glass of whiskey, and at this point I’m completely losing my shit. WHY ARE THEY HAVING CASUAL DRINKS? RICK IS LETTING HIS GUARD DOWN!! IT’S POISON DON’T DRINK IT!!! But it wasn’t poison. It was actually whiskey, so clearly I’m out of control.

I don’t know much about the Rules of Engagement, but I assume there is bond, or a common respect shared between enemies. Rick and the Governor both lost their wives to different circumstances, but the moment the Governor lets his guard down and explains this to Rick, you can tell that these two are deeply hurt and deal with that hurt in different ways. Rick chose to become distant, while the Governor chose to go bat shit crazy.

In the beginning of this face off, the Governor claimed he wanted Team Prison to surrender, but after a few shots of whiskey the truth came out. With a super creepy removal of his eye patch, he looks at rick and says “I want Michonne”. SO NOW SHIT IS ABOUT TO GET REAL. Rick isn’t a fool, and recognizes the fact that the Governor could kill them all regardless if he gets Michonne or not, but if he’s telling the truth it could prevent others from dying. I understand why Rick would weigh the options in his head, but Michonne has proven her worth which makes the decision harder.

Andrea, Daryl and Martinez

Andrea is just now finding out that something freaky happened between Maggie and the Governor, and Hershel makes it clear that he is an evil man. “What am I going to do now? I can’t go back there,” Andrea replies. And she can’t, but she will if she wants to put an end to this from the inside. This conversation is interrupted by the sweet sound of Zombies two stepping towards them. Seeing Daryl, Martinez and Andrea go towards the source of danger as Zombie Hit Squad made me all kinds of happy. I don’t agree with everything the writers have done with Andrea, but I do love how much more physical she is now. She doesn’t need to rely on guns to get the job done, as showcased when she man handled a Zombie and stabbed it in the head while Daryl and Martinez compared whose dick was bigger. She’s a more well-rounded character now and every time she does things like this I remember why she is my favorite. Blonde chicks who kick ass are definitely my shit. Just ask Buffy.

Daryl and Martinez bond over how much life sucks, and while there is some name calling, I could see somewhat of a friendship forming if Martinez decided to go against the Governor for some reason. Martinez definitely gets more points for calling Daryl a pussy, just because it’s Daryl and no one calls Daryl a pussy. So I like this guy already. But Daryl’s knife throwing skills are BOSS so he’s pretty tight but that’s to be expected. Anything less and I would be worried.

Team Prison

Back at the Prison, there isn’t much going on in terms of plot. Merle wants to go on his own mission to assassinate the Governor and save his brother. Glenn is leader again and all I can say is WHY? He and Merle wrestle around for a bit until Michonne and Maggie restrain Merle from slicing Glenn’s throat. Maggie put Merle in one of the most bad ass sleeper holds I’ve seen since my days of watching Smackdown. Beth ain’t got no time for none of this, so she decides to shoot a gun INSIDE the prison. In case they weren’t fucked as it is, let’s go ahead and shoot a gun that attracts whatever walkers are in the tombs. Real smart, Beth!!! You can die anytime now. Just kidding, I don’t want you to die. You probably will though. It’s not long before Maggie finds Glenn sulking, and soon after they do the only thing they ever do: fuck like wild rabbits. Who needs Cinemax when you have The Walking Dead?

The episode ends with both sides preparing for the coming battle. The Governor tells Milton about his plan to slaughter everyone at the Prison, and Milton doesn’t seem too pleased by this. Based off of the previews of next week, it looks like him and Andrea will be allying against the Governor. Hopefully they can turn others against him and build some kind of resistance or splinter cell with Andrea being the leader. The Governor’s downfall could come from the inside, so hopefully these two can pull it off, or at least plant the idea that he is a bad man so that others will catch on to his sinister side.

With this season coming to an end, this was the perfect set up for the final three episodes. Basically, sides are being chosen and lines have been drawn . If Rick does decide to give up Michonne, it would be a bitch move. Hershel pointed out that if it wasn’t for her, they never would have found Maggie or Glenn. So for that, she has cemented her place in the group. I’m not ready to give up on Andrea just yet, but I do think there’s a possibility she could die this season. As long as she goes down fighting and doing the right thing, I’m okay with that. But if they kill her for the sake of killing her, then I can’t support that decision. I wouldn’t mind seeing two separate groups go down their own storylines next season. With Andrea, Milton, Tyreese and Sasha doing their own thing away from Woodbury & The Prison. I mainly want this to happen because I can’t see Andrea meshing with Team Prison anymore. Their relationships and overall attitude towards her are much too strained. I wouldn’t want to go back to complete alienation either. So if she was to make it out of this season alive, I would rather see her leading her own band of survivors. The chances of this happening are slim to none so I won’t hold my breath.