The Walking Dead S3.E12 [Clear]

The Walking Dead S3.E12 [Clear]

Andrew Lincoln as “Rick Grimes” via AMC

This week on The Walking Dead, Michonne proves that she has a personality, and Morgan finally returns.

This episode focuses on Rick, Michonne and Carl’s mission to retrieve more weapons.  I was particularly excited to see how well Michonne and Rick work together as a team.  We’ll have to wait until next week to see what everyone else is up to, but I’m a fan of devoting certain episodes to a particular character or group of characters. This allows everyone proper time to develop instead of cramming dozens of storylines into an episode a week. Take notes True Blood.
Rick, Carl & Michonne
The trio encounters some road blocks on their mission and decide to leave a guy stranded on the road.  This bothers me because I understand that trusting people is a gamble, but I still think it was a shitty thing to do.  He didn’t seem to pose much of a threat, but maybe I’m a fool. Carl expresses his distrust of Michonne to his father and they talk about her as if she isn’t sitting two feet away. It’s a little disrespectful but I guess no one has any manners anymore at the end of the world.  After they roll up on an abandoned town that looks as if the cast from The Lord of The Flies has taken up residence permanently, it isn’t long before shots ring out.  On a roof we see a guy who looks as if he’s about to go paint-balling and I like his style. Michonne decides to go ninja-mode and sneak up on the Paint Baller to no avail, because he has decided to go ninja-mode as well and has caught up with Rick.  A shootout ensues, and of course Carl saves the day.  He didn’t actually kill the Paint Balling dude, and that’s good because that guy happens to be Morgan. For any of you noobs out there, Morgan saved Rick’s life at the beginning of this series, and if it wasn’t for him Rick would have died. So he kind of owes him. On the way up into Morgan’s headquarters, the group runs across two booby traps that are guaranteed to fuck your world up. Morgan has apparently become super crafty, and in a perfect world he would go back with Rick to the prison and help him set up traps around the fort in preparation for the Governator’s return. Those trap-making skills plus his arsenal of weapons should guarantee him his own comfy cell for sure.  In fact, if Morgan could get his shit together, I vote him as Rick’s second in command. They have the potential to make a great team, so Tyreese can go fuck himself because everyone knows there’s only room for one black guy at a time on this show.
Michonne & Carl
Carl requests permission to tackle a mission of his own. Michonne with her perfect timing knows this is her chance to further gain trust with this group, so she volunteers to go with Carl, and Rick agrees within seconds.  Carl hates this and it looks like he’s going to be a little shit head for the rest of the episode, but no surprise there. Sure enough, he uses a Walker as distraction in his attempt to  break free of Michonne, but she soon realizes she agreed to babysit the Seed of Chucky so she naturally runs after him. “WTF WAS THAT?” she says, as the two continued to play Cat & Mouse until Carl reaches his destination.  An old bar or restaurant that has the only remaining picture of his mother, Lori, and now we understand why he’s been so emo about the whole thing.  His intentions were more than good so I’ll give him a break, and Michonne takes on the role of the annoying big sister who comes through in the end for Carl. Michonne has made her first real friend in the group and she seems to care about Carl and Judith.  She even snatches the ugliest fucking cat statue I’ve ever seen in my life. What the hell is that? What is she thinking? Is this real life? Other than the shitty cat statue, Michonne has really grown on me thanks to this episode.  We get a sense of who she is, and the scene with her eating Morgan’s chips is priceless: “The mat said welcome”.  It’s amazing to see her just relaxed and chill for a moment, enjoying some chips which I’m assuming were probably stale. She even smiles a few times in this episode, so I guess hell really did freeze over.  Good job Michonne, you’re winning right now.
Rick & Morgan
The moment Morgan wakes up he goes after Rick, who knocks him to the ground with his Sniper Rifle.  I guess he’s pumped up on Red Bull or some shit because he’s already up again trying to shank Rick.  The worst and most badass part of the whole scene is that he succeeds in his attempt.  Professing “YOU DON’T CLEAR” right before he does it.  Rick’s reaction to being stabbed was hilarious and it went like this: “YOU CRAZY SON OF A BITCH!! YOU KNOW MEEEEEEH!!!!” LOL, damn Rick, I can’t take you seriously half the time.

Lennie James as “Morgan Jones” via AMC

After Morgan calms down, Rick tries to reason with him by refreshing his memory.  It isn’t long before the revelation is made that Morgan’s son, Duane, has died sometime between now and his last encounter with Rick.  The saddest part about this whole conversation was when Rick showed Morgan the walkie-talkie and this is when we learn why Morgan put Rick out of his memory.  The two made a pact to try to communicate with each other at a certain time each day, but circumstances arose that prevented that from happening.  So in Morgan’s eyes, Rick wasn’t there. But we know this wasn’t Rick’s fault , yet we can’t help but feel some of his guilt, and the acting is on point. They might as well give the Emmy to Lennie James (aka Morgan), because his speech about the good and the weak was one of the most profound things I’ve heard in years: “The good people, they always die. And the bad people do too. But the weak people, the people like me; we have inherited the Earth”. I think the interaction between Rick and Morgan was poignant to Rick’s character arc in particular because he sees himself in Morgan.  Rick needs to believe that Morgan can come back from this, because if he can, then maybe there’s still hope for him as well.  They are both survivors and could potentially make each other stronger.  Especially in times of war.
This was probably my favorite episode of season three so far.  The Grimes’ boys are starting to trust Michonne and we learned that she once talked to a trippy ghost of her own: her dead boyfriend.  Morgan decided to stay behind, but he didn’t die so that’s good. Hopefully we’ll see him again before the finale. This episode had a perfect balance of action and emotion and it was written by Scott Gimple, who happens to be the new show-runner.  At first I was pissed that Glen Mazzara was leaving but Gimple can definitely write an episode so hopefully season four means more episodes like this.
*Important shit
-Lil’Asskicker has a crib now and a picture of Lori so she never forgets the face of the woman she killed
-hahahah the same guy they left on the road got eaten by Walkers, but they made sure to take his bag of items. Now that’s fucked up.