The Walking Dead S3.E11 [I Ain't a Judas]

The Walking Dead S3.E11 [I Ain’t a Judas]

Michael Rooker as “Merle Dixon” via AMC

Team Prison

This episode seems to pick up moments after last weeks attack, and the group is debating intensely over what to do next. All of the characters are super hyped up right now and reeling over Axel’s death, and the choice of whether to leave or stay is becoming more urgent. Let me just say that I’m starting to really like Hershel’s character. He’s a lot like Dale in the way that he speaks his mind, but his approach is less douchey, and as a result he commands respect. So he is naturally the one to tell Rick it’s time to get his shit together, otherwise they’re all fucked. And he’s right. I understand your wife died, Rick, but be grateful your baby is alive and healthy, and just learn to deal bro. Carl – who looks like he’s aged 30 years since last week – decides to rub his dad’s face in the fact that he’s a shitty leader by telling him to step down “for a while.” The truth hurts, but it would be for the best. Rick has proven his worth more than enough times, so some rest may be needed or he could be a huge liability in the future.

Glenn is bitching like usual, so I’m not sure what he’s talking about, but the important characters are having grown folk talk about their next move on Woodbury. Merle is looking more badass than usual, yet somehow calmer. His experience with the Governator is proving somewhat useful because Team Prison at least knows what to expect. Hershel, being one of the only characters to defend Merle staying other than Daryl, decides to take Merle to church by quoting a verse from the Bible, and the particular verse from the Book of Matthew was very fitting . Religious shit aside, words can be powerful no matter what book they come from, and I was impressed by the fact that Merle actually read in his spare time. This fool has layers ya’ll. He isn’t just a redneck piece of shit; he’s a well-read redneck piece of shit. And for that he gets 1,000,000 points. Even still, I’m a little confused as to why Merle is allowed to walk around with a fucking knife attached to his hand as if that’s okay. He decides to attempt at making amends with Michonne, who is in mid-workout and breathing like a goddamn dragon, but she ain’t got time for that.


This is mainly an Andrea centric episode, and she definitely has some of the best scenes. I guess Andrea is starting to finally realize that the Governator is on that bullshit because she bursts into his room immediately asking “WHAT THE FUCK YOU SHOOTING MY FRIENDS FOR PLAYBOY?”. She said those exact words, so try to fight me on that if you want. It’s clear that she is actually pissed off and she’s not holding back in her quest for answers. Of course he feeds her bullshit so she decides to sneak off to the prison so she can finally reunite with the people who left her for dead. Miltons bitchass runs and tells the Governator as soon as Andrea turns her back, and then receives permission to aid her on her travel to the prison.

Michonne has rubbed off on Andrea more than I thought, because the first thing she does is create her own Zombie Pet to shield her from danger. This scene in particular works well mainly because of the epic curb stomping Andrea unleashes on her pet. I always assumed Michonne removed the jaws with her sword, but Andrea’s approach with the rock was genius. She also manages to wreck a zombie in the face with her axe, proving to anyone who doubted her that she does not fuck around. She’s a natural at killing zombies now, to the point to where I don’t feel like she’s remotely scared or considered the thought of being killed by one. That’s not an option for her, and it’s what makes a lot of these characters so intriguing. Basically, I’m just happy to see Andrea’s character out in the woods pwning zombies because that’s what she does best.


from this..



It’s not long before Tyreese and his crew show up, only to be invited to Woodbury by Milton. This could be karma biting Rick in the ass for pushing this group away, because now they are cooperating with the Governator to prove their loyalty. Really, Tyreese? You know there is a fucking infant there, yet you’re going to aid in an attack on these people who, other than Rick, were pretty decent to you? Maybe he’s got an agenda of his own, so I won’t count him out yet. He gets zero points for being wack. I’m looking forward to seeing those two jackasses in his group die horrible deaths because they suck and contribute nothing.

The Reunion

Andrea rolls up to the prison like a straight up gangsta with her pet zombie in one hand and pistol whipping mother fuckers with her other. She’s Zombie Slayer Super Bitch right now and it’s pretty legit. All that momentum gets completely thrown out the window as soon as she arrives at the gate dividing her and her old friends. They treat her like she is nothing more than another stranger, and it’s a little hard to watch. Mainly because I know this isn’t how she expected their reunion to be, and I have to admit it’s not what I expected either; but their reaction is somewhat justified. Things are immediately tense when Andrea arrives, and everyone except for Carol seems to be on edge. I’m not sure why Merle has received better treatment than Andrea, but the way they all scolded her really pissed me off. I’m sure Michonne’s version of the story went something like “Andrea chose the Governor over me”, when in reality, she chose a normal life. Or as normal as life can be in these situations. Michonne and her decision to gloat was childish; especially when Andrea is trying so hard to bring people together. Now you decide to open your fucking mouth for a change? I wish you could find some weed near the prison because you already have the Rastafarian look down. She’s clearly more upset because she has feelings for Andrea on some conscious level, whether she knows that or not remains to be seen. I do believe that if Michonne had chosen to stay in Woodbury, she could have built a life there if she wasn’t so hostile. The Governor told her himself he could use a soldier like her, so the offer was on the table. She disses Andrea for having a Messiah Complex, yet I feel she’s throwing stones in a glass house. Michonne was the one who told Rick he needed her help to rescue Daryl, just like Andrea feels the people of Woodbury need her.

These two will probably have sex sometime soon

Andrea’s attempt at forcing a peace treaty between the two groups was an epic fail, but the most important lines spoken the entire episode came from Carol. She drops some Cougar advice on Andrea, basically telling her she has the Governator’s balls in her hands, all she has to do is chop them off. Or kill him in his sleep to put it in correct terms. This was all kinds of dirty and brilliant and I love it. We cut back to Team Prison, and now once again I’m not sure what the hell I am watching because Beth is singing again and I can’t handle it. It’s okay though because Andrea has more power than she realizes now, yet of course in that final moment when she stands over her boy holding a knife, she flakes out. The decision to not kill the Governor yet is smart because we don’t want the season to be over yet, so we’ll be patient. The pure fact that she is considering killing him is gold and I’m putting my money on her as the one to finish this douche off for good.

It seems this episode’s main goal was to set up the remaining episodes and I think the storylines are only going to get more complex from here. It was a slow episode, but the intense reunion and the creation of the Zombie Pet were enough to hold me over until next week. I think Team Prison needs Andrea more than they think. She has a way of empowering people, and this group needs someone who is a little more logical and doesn’t follow ghosts (or manifestations of guilt) around.


Important shit:
*It’s The Hunger Games in this bitch. Hide yo kids because the Governator will throw them on the front line
*Andrea now knows Shane and Lori are dead
*Michonne hates Andrea still
*Carl’s hat sucks