The Walking Dead S3.E10 [Home]

The Walking Dead S3.E10 [Home]


Danai Gurira as “Michonne” via AMC


This week on The Walking Dead, Michonne still needs a perm, and thousands of bullets were wasted

Rick starts the episode following random images of the Trippy Ghost Lady, who happens to be manifestations of the guilt he feels towards his deceased wife, Lori. I’ll have to admit she’s not as scary as last week.  This dude is clearly bat shit crazy, so much that he’s making Michonne look normal. I’m starting to think that I prefer crazy Rick compared to his normal self, mainly because I feel it adds more substance to his character thus making him more complex and interesting.  He’s a fallen hero who’s slowly finding his way back, and by the end of the episode it looks as if homeboy will be joining the rest of the crew in the world of the sane. Lori is looking nice and well fed so I wonder if they have all you can eat buffets in the afterlife or something. I’m sure there’s at least a Krispy Kreme’s. Anyways, Rick loses five points for wasting time away from the prison that could have been used towards fortifying and planning for the inevitable attack from the Governator, but I’ll give him 100 points for laying the smackdown with his gun.  I still have no clue what point system I’m working with.
It looks as though Andrea might be thinking “DUDE, WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I SIGNED UP FOR,” cause instead of trying to jump his bones she’s keeping a distance from the Gov.  In a sketchy attempt to keep her from going back to the prison, he appoints Andrea leader of Woodbury and then asks Milton to spy on her.  She doesn’t do much this episode but it seems like she will be more prominent in the future. Out of the entire cast, Andrea has the best chance of killing the Governator because she can get close enough to him, and if the writers really want to redeem her status with some fans, I think she needs to pull some Buffy level shit by the end of the season.  At the same time, Andrea can really do no wrong in my eyes so fuck the haters.
Daryl & Merle
We get a little back story to the Dixon brothers during this episode, and we learn that Merle & Daryl have daddy issues, Just like every other motherfucker on the planet. It’s interesting to see the dynamic play out between these two since they’re brothers, but also each other’s foil. Daryl isn’t the same little brother that Merle once knew, and I think it’s safe to say that Daryl wouldn’t be the bad ass he is if it weren’t for having a big brother like Merle; and while Merle is about as racist as a plantation owner in DJANGO UNCHAINED, I’m starting to think he really doesn’t mean that much harm. This shows when he vouches to help Daryl save a family of Latinos, but when Merle takes his remarks over the fucking line, Daryl puts him in check by aiming his bow at his head. I guess Merle still thinks it’s 1995 because he gives Daryl the hand. At this point I’m on the floor laughing my ass off. On a side note, I hope the Latino family finds their way to the Prison because they aren’t bad shots, and for the most part seem to be capable of defending themselves, and Rick needs an Army.
Glenn & Team Prison/Carol & Axel
Back at Team Prison, Glenn thinks he’s in charge….LOLOL NO BRO PLEASE JUST STOP AND HAVE A SEAT. IMMEDIATELY. Not trying to hate on Glenn, but in my eyes he’s more of a follower, and to take on the position of leader may have seemed obvious to some, but I think Michonne or even Carl would be a much better choice.  Fuck, even Hershel and his one leg could lead better then Glenn.  It’s a shame too, because I bet Hershel could Two-Step like a champ back in his day.

Hershel 2.0

So after Glenn decides to waste some gas and drive his truck off to do whatever it is he does, the rest of the crew prepare for the impending attack. Carol shows off her fortification skills while Axel tries to spit some game.  I find myself starting to like Axel’s character, so I should have known that meant certain death was near.  The emphasis on guns and his fear of them were extremely foreboding because:

“Haha life ain’t so bad!!”


Shit just got real and I’m pretty sure I just dropped my blunt at the very moment Axel got shot, so that’s tight. His death isn’t shocking, but it was timed perfectly so I’ll give him 500 bananas on scale of 10,000.  I just think it’s highly doubtful that no one else would walk way from that battle wounded or killed other than Axel and Random Sniper Dude (10,000 bananas to Maggie for finally capping this fool).  I don’t understand how so many bullets can get fired with so little casualties, but I guess there are still 6 episodes left so I’ll be patient, for now.  But Michonne, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU SHOOTING AT? I see why the sword is your weapon of choice because you can’t shoot for shit.  The Governator barely moved an inch, yet you decided to shoot at the car beside him? Just…GTFO or kill some zombies because you’re getting lame real quick. Moments before the battle at the prison ends, the Governator unleashes a horde of zombies on the remaining survivors.  Really, bro?  These people kill zombies like it’s nothing, dropping off 10 or 15 for them to kill is like doing laundry to this group.  The zombies are nothing more than obstacles, but Daryl and Merle arrive just in time to save the day.  It’s nice how everyone seems to be in walking distance of each other. Props to Rick for proving he doesn’t need bullets to completely fuck a zombie’s world up.

“Don’t you know who the fuck I am?”


This was a pretty good episode, so I’ll give it five thumbs up, but three thumbs down since they wasted so many bullets. But it looks like that attack was what Rick needed to get his shit together so maybe the Zombie Avengers can assemble and stop getting wrecked by Team Woodbury next week.