The Walking Dead S3.E09 [The Suicide King]

The Walking Dead S3.E09 [The Suicide King]



Team Prison/Woodbury 

Alright you guys, the Walking Dead’s mid-season premiere, titled “The Suicide King”, opened with a bang. Literally.  About two minutes into the episode and all hell has broken loose.  We pick up after the events of “Made to Suffer”, where we find the Dixon brothers face to face on screen in well, forever.  Other than a few delusional images of Merle, this is the first time that Daryl has not only seen his brother since his days in Atlanta, but the revelation that he is alive and kicking (no pun intended) because he seriously starts kicking Daryl’s ass all over the arena. And it was kinda awesome.  As Andrea stands by pleading for her friends life, the Governator, who has obviously lost his damn mind, watches on as this brutal fight between brothers ensues.   If things weren’t already completely fucked up, how about we throw some zombies into the arena because well, this is a show about zombies so what else would you expect?  It’s in this moment that we realize Merle has a plan of his own when he proclaims “Just follow my lead little brother”.  And then….BANG! Maggie motherfuckin’ Greene has transformed into a bad ass soldier who happens to be a great shot with an assault rifle.  It seems her and Rick have chosen to go back for Daryl, and she more than proved her worth.  Keep in mind that she has now murdered two people, and you can surely expect the backlash from that to manifest in future episodes.

Glenn and Michonne wait patiently on a side road near Woodbury as the others make their way back, but not before dealing with that one guy.  That piece of shit brother of Daryl that everyone loves to hate.  Merle. And honestly, I can’t stand this dude.  He doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up, and that’s a problem.  I believe anyone can be redeemed, with the exception of Merle.  This guy is too far gone, and I don’t care much for where his character goes, unless it’s six feet under.  With that said, I will give Rick 10 extra bonus points for knocking the fucker to the ground.  Seriously, I couldn’t hear myself think over his obnoxious comments.  Except the whole thing about Michonne having two walkers chained up being ironic was super racist yet kind of funny, so he gets 5 bonus points, but he loses -100 for being Merle. So basically he sucks.


Now I would like to shift the attention to Andrea.  I’ve always been on Team Andrea since day 1 and that’s because I understand her as a character, and her evolution has been my favorite part of the whole series.  This is why I was particularly happy to see her step up in some interesting ways on last night’s episode.  If season one was about her getting over her sisters death, then season two was about her discovering that she doesn’t only want to live in this world, she wants to be a force as well.  She no longer want’s to be a victim, and I understand why she surrounded herself with strong personalities like Shane.  He made her a stronger person, a survivor, a fighter.  And we see that evolution throughout season two, and we learn just what Andrea is capable of.  In season 3, she has found her strength and is trying find ways to empower others.  She feels a responsibility to the people of Woodbury now and she can’t just leave them to their own devices, because she know’s it could mean certain death for them.  This is her dilemma.   Does she step up to the plate and look after the people in Woodbury or does she leave and join those who left her behind? I want to point out that the writers did a great job of playing on the fact that Andrea was once a lawyer in her life before the zombies took over, so her stepping up like this for the people is very much in character.  It’s a very complex situation and I’m looking forward to seeing how it play’s out by the end of this season.With that being said, I will admit I was still a bit bored by her speech and her reaction to the Governators sketchy-ness, but she FINALLY GOT TO USE HER BERETTA and scored an epic head shot or two, and for that she gets bonus points as well. I would say exactly how many points but honestly allocating points is tiring so let’s move on.

Tyreese/Sasha/Allan etc.

Theres a new group of survivors who have entered the prison and honestly, it’s pretty clear that they are decent people.  With the exception of Allan, who needs to take a chill pill and sit the fuck down somewhere. I really like the little character development that Tyrese and his sister Sasha have recieved so far.  They have only been around for two episodes and I can already tell what kind of people they are.  Loyal, strong and decent.  This is good because Rick is going to need all the help he can get, since Daryl has chosen to stay behind with his manipulative older brother. Which I totally understand and I applaud Daryl for staying true to his bro, even if that bro is a fucking dick.  Though I’m sure he will find his way back to his true family. But let’s shift our attention back to the final scene of last nights episode, and that’s moments before Rick seems to finally be opening up to the idea of letting Tyreese and company stick around, we look up and see A SCARY ASS GHOST LADY WHO SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME. Seriously, WTF am I watching? Rick starts to hulk out and at this point everyone else has hauled ass out of the room. It really came out of no where, and part of me feels like The Walking Dead just jumped the shark, but then I decided I wasn’t going to add too much logic to a show about zombies, so whatever TRIPPY GHOST LORI. You’re scary as hell and I can dig it.

I give this episode a score of 85/100. I have no clue where I’m getting my calculations by the way, but it was a good episode. Maybe even great, but far from perfect.